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experience downtown-style, uptown at Bayview and Eglinton

600 Eglinton Avenue East Suite 407


Tastefully appointed one bedroom, one bathroom apartment with new kitchen renovation in 2011 featuring granite countertops and stainless steel quality appliances. An ideal property for first-time buyers or empty-nesters, singles or couples.  And there’s a locker on the same floor too!


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  1. Ken permalink

    Hi John,

    I am interested in this unit and I would like to get some more information.

    I am looking for a 1 bedroom condo and I am currently unrepresented by an agent.


  2. 00There are malls, shops and businesses that run the length of Eglinton on both sides from Victoria Park going east almost all the way to Kingston Road. Many people cross this six lane roadway outside of the crosswalks at all times of the day and night. This entire section of shopping was designed to accommodate cars and not pedestrians. And yet .this is where the new crosstown LRT is being put. CITY PLANNERS .please take this into consideration and force the malls to make their spaces pedestrian-friendly ..maybe some easy well-lit overhead or underground walkways can be installed to connect both sides of the street as well as future access to the LRT stations. In the meantime, drivers need to watch for non-delineated crossings. I understand why people jay-walk here .going from light to light and then making ones way through the massive parking lots can add an hour to the shopping trip and it’s just not doable carrying parcels and pushing strollers, or coping with reduced mobility of any sort.Jan 24, 2013 at 08:45:03 AMShare:

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