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by John Brydon-Harris on March 26th, 2018

Old paint cansI often get this question from my clients when selling their homes. Some think it’s okay to leave them behind because they think the new owners may wish to do some touch-ups. Really though, old paint isn’t often in great condition especially after a number of years.

Most paint stores now can match a colour very closely if not right on. Simply find a bit of loose paint or with a razor gently peel off a piece to take with you to the store. They will love the challenge!

A great tip for planning ahead for those touch ups is to use a felt marker and note the room and date that you used it on. If properly sealed and stored in a cool, dry place you can save it for up to five years. After that, most likely your room may need a re-fresh with a new colour.

Protect our environment and dispose of your old paint at your local recycling depot. In Toronto check out details at:

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