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I am pleased to present as part of the brand product offering a new real estate program specifically designed to address the needs of seniors who are transitioning to a new style of residency that best suits their needs for their later-life stages.  Aptly named, the Residential Transitions for Seniors program, it offers a broad and inclusive range of services entailed in the downsizing process of changing residencies all of which are conducted by the  team spearheaded by John Brydon-Harris, sales representative, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd, Brokerage, providing clients with one point of contact for all tasks, from planning to move in day.


The services within in the program may include consultation to identify the type of housing that would be required with recognition for ambulatory, cognitive or financial issues, assistance with the disposition of personal items such as the recycling of unwanted/needed goods, assistance with your new purchase or lease, packing of personal items for the move and of course the professional services of marketing and selling of one’s existing property.


It’s a daunting process for most as it not only is a major life change but also a critical time that one must maximize their equity from their home to fund or subsidize their future.  Instrumental to achieving this is preparing the property for buyers that will generate the highest possible price based on market conditions.  Property maintenance, from painting, minor repairs, carpet cleaning and outdoor landscaping can all be accessed and delivered through the Residential Transitions for Seniors program as well.

There is also the option to defer payment for these services whether it is disposal services or pre-sale property maintenance and improvements.   Payment for these services can be payable out of proceeds of the sale of one’s home on the closing date directly by one’s solicitor.

Whether you are considering moving to a bungalow, condominium, co-op, retirement community or an assisted living residency I’d be happy to meet with you and your family to further explain how I can deliver this truly unique program to make your transition stress-free.


Assisted Living Checklist

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